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We Know What You Didn’t Last Spring: Pest Control Service in Markham

The departure of winter from Markham brings not only the joy of blooming flowers and milder weather but also the unwelcome arrival of certain pests. With spring knocking at our doors, we must remain vigilant about those tiny, uninvited guests. As a leading pest control service in Markham, at Pest Bye Pest Control, we understand the vermin-related unique challenges that come with the onset of spring in this picturesque corner of Ontario, and we’re happy to support you with effective tips to keep your home pest-free.

Mosquitoes, Carpenter Ants, and Ticks – the Triangle of Evil

Come April showers and May flowers, Markham residents often notice an increase in certain pests, such as mosquitoes, carpenter ants, and ticks. Understanding their nature will help you prevent them. While carpenter ants can damage wooden structures, mosquitoes are infamous for their bites and the host of diseases they generally carry, while ticks can pose serious health hazards to us and our pets.

Seal the Deal Against Pests

Begin with potential entry points around your home. The scrutiny of an eagle-eyed homeowner can spot potential access points that pests exploit to infiltrate your sanctuary. A walk-around to inspect and seal gaps or cracks will be a well-spent weekend afternoon, and can help you secure your beloved abode against enemies like them.

Love Thy Yard

Markham’s spring blooms can conceal potential pest habitats. Proper yard maintenance is not only about aesthetics but also a frontline defence against seasonal pest infestations. By mowing the lawn, keeping bushes pruned, and decaying wood at bay, you effectively create an environment less hospitable to carpenter ants and their ilk. In addition, clearing out standing water disrupts the mosquito’s life cycle and alters the tick’s preferred humidity level. We highly recommend that you reach out only to a top pest control service in Markham like ours for any queries or further information on spring yard upkeep.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Our sanctuaries are our pride, and just as cleanliness complements our homes, so does it deter pests. Home sanitation practices like sealing food and regular garbage disposal keep the hunger of carpenter ants unmet and the breeding grounds for mosquitoes dry and barren.

Invite the Experts

Sometimes we seek an additional helping hand in completing our errands, and pest management is certainly no different. A professional inspection by Pest Bye Pest Control can be a strategic move in outwitting pests. Our seasoned eyes can spot vulnerabilities and address them before your home becomes a breeding ground for springtime invaders.

Screen Your Dreams

Windows are your gateways to the gentle spring breeze, but they can also open the floodgates for pests. Installing and maintaining high-quality pest screens (feel free to purchase as many as you may wish from us and even have them installed by our efficient crew) can ensure that only the fresh air and not the bugs make it through.

The Right Repellent

Spring is arguably the year’s best time, and the pests can bug us if we’re not careful enough. Fortunately, we have a treasure trove of anti-vermin products and they can indeed be a valuable addition to your arsenal. For mosquitoes and ticks, you may rely on our repellents and apply them on your body, whereas the insecticides we manufacture in our sprawling facility can eliminate carpenter ants. Always follow the instruction labels sincerely for safe and effective use. Call Pest Bye Pest Control today to learn more about our pest control service in Markham!


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