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Pestbye is an innovative pest control company that is committed to supply safe and effective solutions for all your pest problems in the best possible manner. We are super dedicated in providing your home or organization with the Best Pest Management Services at unbeatable prices.

If you feel itchy while sleeping on your bed or your couch and see tiny black spots on the bed sheet you may have bedbug’s problem. Similarly, if you feel strange odour in your kitchen or see small black specks, egg cases or discarded skin under the sink, behind the fridge and stove you may have cockroaches in your house. If you often hear unusual noise from your attic, heating vents, in drop ceilings and see droppings in your garage then you might have a mice problem.

Pestbye offers affordable Bed Bugs fumigation services, Cockroach control, Mice treatment, Spiders’ control, Centipedes’ treatment, Ants’ control, Bees control, Wasps control and Flea control services in all over GTA including Toronto, Scarborough, Rodent & Mice Control in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, York Region, Mississauga, Brampton and all nearby locations.

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Pestbye is provincially certified by the Ministry of Environment Ontario and strictly follows the Ontario Pesticides Act and Ontario Regulation 63/09 of the Ministry of Environment. Client’s satisfaction is one of our top priorities in residential pest fumigation. Our residential pest control services are individually tailored to suit our customers and are provided by 100 % client’s satisfaction.

Please do not wait until they damage your property or cause harm and never consider your house pests as your pets because sometimes these pests can bring major health issues in your life. You can feel free to call Pestbye and take advantage of our expertise because we work to provide you the best solutions for all your pest problems at affordable prices.

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Insect’s identification and other Pests by phone or email are very hard. We need to identify and know what kind of bug, rodents or pests are in your places. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to identify a pest. Your home is a place where you feel completely comfortable, so it should be free from any types of pests.

Further to identify the pest and for free estimate from a technician.

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Pestbye takes immense pride in offering professional and reliable services at our clients’ residences. The work is carefully explained to the residents, to provide peace of mind knowing that your family will be protected. We ensure to maintain a low staff turnover approach; the same trusted technicians provide services year after year for clients’ satisfaction.

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When your home is infected with types of creepy-crawly insects or pests, it is no longer the welcoming the diseases and you need to rush to the hospital. Therefore, once you feel or see such type bugs call us immediately, Pestbye can help you get the professional pest control for your home to be safe, sanitary and safely welcoming your guests and be tension free. Pestbye - Best Pest Control Toronto is an experienced pest control company in Greater Toronto, who can help you to dig up relieve of any type of pests such as beetles, roaches, earwigs, mites, silverfish, carpet beetle, wasps, bees, centipedes, flies and rodents and other pests that can generate unsanitary conditions and damage your place. We successfully remove the bugs like spiders, cockroaches and hornets. We even get rid of bed bugs, which can be scandalously tough to remove and can reproduce quickly in your place and furniture.

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“I was having a serious roach problem in my kitchen then I called Pestbye, they provided me the same day service and sprayed in my kitchen for roaches. From that day I haven't had any problems with roaches, I highly recommend their services.”

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Fawad Khan

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“Very professional and knowledgeable. Excellent job, my house is now pest free. Would recommend anyone looking for a reliable pest control company to avail their services.”

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Enzo Greco
Toronto West

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“I had a bedbugs problem in the past for a while and I tried several companies but it didn't solve my problem. Then I called the Pestbye team, now my apartment is bedbugs free and I really appreciate and highly recommend their services.”

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Contact us or Call us for a free consultation from certified technicians to get rid of pest issues at your commercial place or home infestation and get the solutions to make your home and commercial offices safe. We assure that you will be pest-free for at least six months after receiving our services and we even do free follow-up visits to make sure that you have received the best results.

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We are determined to relieve you from the stress & mess that pests can cause and implement preventative methods to eliminate the risk of pests in the future. All the pest control services are available 24/7 for our esteemed clients.

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